Monday, June 21, 2004

English in the technology field.

Are there any foriegn language programming languages? Any compilers that can read code written in french or indian?

English may accelerate its position as the common language of science as computers become more involved with technology and scientific publishing. Seems almost all facets of technology are english centric.

The constructs of scripting and programming languages: if, then, for, else, object, class, etc.
The elements of web syntax: head, body, link, title, margin, padding, etc.

Variable names could be in other languages, but it seems that the structure itself is centered around english.

A little research turned up very few that exist, and none that seem to really be in use.

Some have no native speakers, so I don't know if we should count them at all, but who knows. I've been to dragon con - there soon may be native speakers.

Interestingly, Ruby, a sort of Perly+OO languagle, was written by a Japanese man, but it uses english constructs... What would a kanji programming language look like? How could it work?