Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Finally a competitor to FLOW

Flow makes my favorite kinds of bindings for snowboards. They are comfortable and faster to get in and out of than any strap or step-in I've ever had. I've even been considering buying their $450 Team binding which is amazingly light and wonderful and if it were food I'd eat it. I'd love to link to the product description, but the flow website is of such a coruscatingly brilliant FLASH design that I can just point you to the front page and say good luck. Good luck.

Then this came along and it looks like I have to get my hot little hands on it. My man vlad tells me it has the same sort of fallback highback that flow has. I likes to see competition.

--you know, I'm looking at it, and damn if I can see how it falls back. Perhaps vlad is just retarded, which isn't altogether impossible. I'll still go take a look.