Monday, July 11, 2005

New Delicious features

I'm mad for - I keep all of my bookmarks there and use it to discover new cool stuff all the time. It's how I discovered that little bitty browser in the post below.

Browsing the new blog for the site, I discovered two cool new features.
First, you can now bookmark sites and add a tag for:username. That user will see links for them in their "for" section. This is a great cool way to bookmark stuff for yourself and then make sure that pals get a chance to see it as well. Feel free to bookmark any good stuff for me with the tag "for:snarkhunt" It does raise the issue of spam, as now a spammer could simply script up something that spiders through the site, grabs usernames, then spams with for: tags. Presumably, their could be some sort of whuffie based response. Personally, I like using delicious as a pull based discovery device. I subscribe to where I find the good stuff I like.

The other feature I just noticed is the new posting scheme. This makes it easy for blogs and the like to make it easier for you to bookmark. I just changed my blogger template to put a little post to delicious link on every post in the footer. If you've got a delicious account, you should give it a click.

If you don't have a delicious account you should probably look into it. Delicious is wonderfully useful without an account, but even more useful when you are using it instead of just searching it.

For example, here's my inbox of links:

Anything tagged with any of those tags on the right that I am interested in shows up right there for me.
Think what subjects you'd be interested in seeing links for...