Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ski Dubai

I found out about ski dubai via treehugger blog. They quite rightly point out how immensely terrible this is for the environment.

One of the major problems facing the world is it's unification. All places are becoming the same, becoming a monoculture. It's not just a problem for sentimental reasons - I like that I can have pals in other countries and that we can interknit more and more. I like that people know more languages so that we can all converse. But, you don't need to go snowboarding when you are in dubai. It will never be as good as the alps or the rockies, and the costs are immense. Yes, we can do it, but we probably shouldn't. Instead, we should work on better ways to enable you to get to where the amazing stuff is.

But OH OH OH would I like to have it in my backyard. Except, come to think of it, the heat venting from this would probably make my backyard look like Dubai.