Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jon Stewart is not the liberal Bill O'Reilly

I was talking to a buddy about the awesomeness that is the daily show, and he said that one of the reasons that its great is you have a powerful personality on your side, a "Bill O'Reilly" for the left.
I think it's a common sentiment and I think it misses the point. Politics is not a shouting match. When it is, that's bad. One of the cool things about the daily show is how well people are treated regardless of their political position. Their is an exchange of ideas.
For example, try the two recent shows with Bill O'Reilly and Bill Kristol.
In the O'Reilly show you can see it descend a bit, but Stewart is always trying to ask a question, to get new info from his guest. The Kristol show is congenial and shows that two people can very strongly disagree on a subject without haranguing each other.

I wish that there was a conservative show as good, funny, well thought out and smart as the daily show. If anybody knows of one, drop me a comment or send me a mail.

BTW- I don't have cable, but I have the internet. I get my daily show fix from the excellent GPod rss feed. I use Azureus with the rssfeed plugin. If anybody wants, I'll post a howto for automatically downloading your favorite shows.