Sunday, December 18, 2005

BookBorough updated - Get Cheap or Free Books in NYC

I've updated my remix of the great Book Burro GreaseMonkey script.
GreaseMonkey is this amazing plugin for firefox that lets you re-write webpages so that they work the way you want. If you aren't so good with the javascript, you can browse, a great website that helps you find userscripts that have been written.

BookBorough pops up if you are on most of the major bookselling websites. It has a tiny little bar - you click on the bar and it expands, grabbing prices from all of the other major booksellers and getting availability for that book in the new york libraries. If you are going to buy a book, you might as well get it for the lowest price. And if you're willing to buy the book, maybe you should take a second to check it out from your local library instead!

If you are interested in writing your own scripts, check out Dive Into Greasemonkey, a totally free book about writing Greasemonkey scripts. amazon booksearch library