Thursday, December 08, 2005

Collect Wendy's cups, fly for free

Check out this amazing deal from airtran. The gist is this: You get 64 UPC's from wendy's 20 oz or greater cups. You mail them to AirTran. AirTran mails you a coupon good for a round trip ticket anywhere they fly.

I could just tell the hobos on my block that I am buying wendy's 20oz cups for 25 Cents a cup. Voila - round trip ticket for $16 (plus tax and fees). Who wants to go to Colorado? Or, since airtran flys from madison to vegas, maybe Squiggles could use this to fly to vegas, then hop a cheap flight from there to reno?

BTW, squiggles - dude, why am I not on your links list? Maybe I should start hanging out with this guy, who's page I found when looking for yours.

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