Monday, January 23, 2006

Movie: Fat girls and Feeders

This is a documentary and it is a horror movie. Prepare to be aghast.

Simon Perry has a good review of this movie as well.
This is the best horror movie I've seen in a while. I watched Saw II recently with Sam and didn't bother to review it, because it was crap. Yeah, you cringe a little bit when these unlikeable characters do horrible things to each other, but not nearly as much as you cringe when you are watching these real, likeable people imprisoned in hundreds of pounds of flesh.

Watching feeder Mark reasonably and intelligently discuss his reasons for pushing his wife Gina to grow from 245 lbs to a mind bending 800 lbs is pure horror. Watching his home movies of her naked in various poses is uber creepy. And then you get started on the devastation that was wrough upon poor Gina's body. How's about this phrase:

Her skin there has grown to about an inch thick and has taken on the leathery texture of an elephant.
How can Se7en compete with that?

Apparently what is going on is even worse than what they are showing, which includes the tale of a woman imprisoned by her feeder/lover in his house as he grows her too big to leave. Guys are discussing funnels and feeding tubes to grow their fat girls. You get to see the hints of some pictures that are truly horrific.

This is a presentation of BBC's channel 4 and doesn't appear to be for sale or available on netflix. If you are a citizen of the emerald isle, the bbc is opening all of their content for you. I don't think they'd mind if you downloaded it from one of the bittorrent sites out there.