Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Your IDE Hot or Not?

As I read Coding Horror: Is Your IDE Hot or Not?
I noticed the call for someone to create a hotornot site for IDE screenshots.
It didn't seem like a bad idea, and I immediately thought of Ning, a social software platform that debuted a while ago.
They make it dead easy to create an actual application relevant to whatever social software use you are into.

I created this IDE Hot or Not ratings site in less than 10 minutes.
It's not tweaked, it could use more care, but damn - 10 minutes and it is working. It's got a few screenshots up there and a few ratings. I'd encourage you to submit yours and rate others for a lark.

And take some time to play with Ning. Next time you hear "Someone should whip up a website that lets us do x" you can finish it before they stop telling you how cool it would be. BTW - all the source code for your app is editable on Ning, but the standard stuff is truly code-free. It just works.