Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Call Nightline!

My friend Nikki pointed out the MIT Nightline for me and neither of us can get over how good this idea is. I love the idea of a number in your phone that you can call for anything. It's staffed with volunteers.

I think you could set up a non-MIT version of this based off of free labor.

Step 1. You sign up and list what you can be called about. "I can talk to people about finances, computers, snowboarding, general whatevers"

Step 2. You sign up for a time that calls can be relayed to you. "I volunteer for 6-7 pm this wednesday."

Step 3. You are now able to call in about any problem and get someone to talk to.

Your cost is mainly the servers, bandwidth, pbx system and phone time.

The trick is to balance the commitment that folks have to give versus the demand.

I think a good name for it would be to steal from Warren Ellis the name "Global Frequency".