Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Great news for you - more work for me

I've made the switch to blogger beta, mainly because I love tags.
The tags are up there on the upper left corner, and I'll be going through the old posts and making sure things are tagged appropriately.

Why is this good for you, my loyal handful of readers?
As Jen W put it, I have an awful lot of "weird whacked out computer programmer drama that flies over her head". She's a pal of mine who doesn't care one whit about that stuff.
I've got good news for you, Jen. Now you can only see stuff related to me and my pals.
Change your bookmark to point to just my posts tagged "pals".

And there are some programmer types who frankly couldn't care less about what a nice time I had snowboarding. They want to only see my developer stuff.

There you go. Get the stuff you like from me without the stuff you hate.

I'll be toying around with the template a little bit over the next week or so to make it my own again after switching to this new format.